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Monday, May 01, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: King Kong!

Me Kong. Me legendary big ape. Three movies got Kong's name on them.

Kong guest blog in Blackwolf Diary of Magecraft on 75th Birthday of Empire State Building. Kong legend because Kong fall off Empire State Building. Kong make big pothole in Manhattan ground. So say legend.

Anyway, Kong home on Skull Island now, and Kong lucky just to get residuals thanks to Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson cool dude. He make Rings movies. He make Gandalf look good. He even make Gollum look good. Peter Jackson ask Gollum to help him make his new Kong movie with Kong. Gollum make Kong look good! Kong big DVD hit! Kong take Gollum to lunch one of these days.

Still, Kong remember Fay Wray. Fay Wray mean everything to Kong. Fay Wray gone now. She last survivor of the humans make RKO movie of Kong with Kong. Kong sit by himself on Skull Island and remember Fay Wray. Kong cry big Kong tears. Boo-hoo! Kong have big Kong-sized hankie. Blow Kong's nose. (Snort!)

As for Kong 1976 movie --- Jessica Lange big star now. Won a few Oscars. Hooked up with swashbuckler named Sam Shepard. Jessica no like remembering Kong. Jessica rather forget about Kong. Damn!

Kong still want to crush Dino. Dino De Laurentiis just into money. Made Kong 1976 just for money. Kong got screwed. No one screw Kong! Kong older than Dino; Dino still talk worse than Kong. But enough about Dino.

Some guy named Jeffrey Blair Latta make website called Kingdom Kong about Kong's 1976 movie. Jeffrey write neat commentary. He call it "You Need Furs: The Meaning of King Kong 1976." Jeff think Lorenzo Semple, Jr. get bum rap for writing not only Kong 1976, but working on Batman TV show. So what? Kong love Batman TV show! Kong even like to groove to Batman Theme ---- "Batman, Batman, Batman ---- Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da da ---- Batmaaaaaan!" Oh, yeah: Lorenzo also wrote Dino 1980 Flash Gordon movie. Kong love to groove to that one, too: "Flash, ah aaaaaah!"

Jeffrey Blair Latta pass away January 19, 2006. Jeff was 40. Kong forever grateful to Jeff. Jeff devoted to Kong. Kong cry big Kong tears for Jeff, because Jeff one of Kong's best friends. Boo-hoo!

Everybody at Empire State Building celebrate big 75th Birthday today. It now tallest building in New York --- 9/11 see to that. Kong crush bad guys in hole (Lemme at 'em!). Well, could happen!

Thank you everybody who love Kong. Kong love you right back. Kong promise not to crush world too much.