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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Morning Rant: Hey, Lordi! Hey, Finntroll! Where in Merlin's name are ya?

This being a Monday morning, your Dragonmaster is on a warpath of sorts in that I have not heard anything from my two favorite Finnish heavy metal bands. Lordi, I've not heard a peep from you or your fellow freaky folkies since Hard Rock Hallelujah; and Finntroll, despite the fact that you now have a new lead vocal grunter, you haven't brought me Wizardly world up to speed, either.

Now both of you: either you let ol' Blackwolf know what's going on, or else I shall scribble multiple posts in both your respective guestbooks! There's only so much New York's Unofficial Wizard will tolerate in the patience department, you know!

Master Blackwolf