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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Routine Diary of Magecraft Stuff

My apologies, loyal fans, for not having posted something in here for a few days. When you're New York's Unofficial Wizard, you tend to get totally tuckered out on a Monday. Fortunately, today is Tuesday, and I am going to do whatever as soon as I get a chance to properly breathe.

I was going to have Alexander Salkind's ghost do a guest blog today, but I have wisely decided against it, as I don't know if Ilya would approve. Besides, even now, with Superman Returns about to triumph bigtime, I'm not exactly sure if Alexander would approve of the whole adventure. Then again, after Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, the world did nothing but badmouth the poor fellow, which was, I think, completely uncalled for; since his passing almost a decade ago, the Web has been flooded with information after information about the old codger. Methinks Alexander Salkind is way past overdue for a shot at that age-old standby --- REVENGE!!!!!

Well, we'll all see what happens a few hours from hence. I'll post hither mine assessment of the film upon the morrow. Be ye hither, dudes!

Master Blackwolf