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Monday, July 06, 2009

Blackwolf on the Fall of the Thriller

I know quite frankly, Mortals, that much has been said, read, and blogged regarding the loss of Michael Jackson, he who would be called the King of Pop; however, after an intense silence wherein I have been busy battling other matters of silliness, some of which I shall explain unto you in greater detail as the week goes on, the time is at hand when I have to break that silence, and share with you my two cents re Michael. Listen ye up, therefore, goodly gentles:

Michael Jackson shared the very same affliction I sometimes describe whenever I discuss the life and deeds of my Mortal-born alter ego, Master Richard: Richard and Michael are what one might describe as "man-boys," trapped in a culture where childhood and adulthood are somehow at odds with each other. Here, however, the similarities end, for where Richard, by making good and positive decisions, could easily cope with his man/boy conflicts, Michael Jackson, alas, could not. The greatest tragedy of this, I shouldn't wonder, is that he, Michael Jackson, was thrown from an otherwise lofty path of righteousness by certain Mortals whose actions, be they for good or for ill, caused the downfall of the dynasty, and thus, of the subsequent sequence of events which followed.

The point to all this, dearests, is that Michael fell victim to the dark side of the horrors of show business, whereas Master Richard did not. Like me, the lad considers the Realm of Entertainment, first and foremost, to be no less than a place of business, with regular business hours. It must be treated as such, or else there just won't be any reason for it any longer!

There are those who have ranted on their blogs that we all killed Michael Jackson: "we" being a combination of the media, the greedy lawyers, accountants, hangers-on and so forth, and many overzealous fnas across the cosmos. At the risk of losing my own fanbase, I must ask you to merely make up your own mind before following such a path. Don't necessarily agree or disagree with the things the world is telling you about Michael. Simply remember that, in the end, as in all mysteries, what really mattered was the music.......

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Master Blackwolf