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Friday, February 06, 2009

Rotten Friday with the Dragonmaster, and Other Boring Things to Know

OK, Mortals, here is what ye must know: 'Tis Friday, February 6th, 2009, Mortal-reckoning --- and, by Merlin's beard, your humble Dragonmaster is fed up. With everything, as usual. I don't think you need a blow-by-blow description of the crap which has got me particular dander up; I'm in no mood to bore my loyal fans to death. Truth be told, things in New York have gotten so remarkably bonkers I'm starting to think that doing my job is turning out to be more trouble than it's bloomin' worth!

Look, when the High Istari dispatched me into this dump of a town, they assigned me primarily to seek out a means to teach its collective populace how to avoid cynicism, pessimism and just plain old everyday bad manners. Thus far, the lessons have either been ignored or not been taken into consideration and/or just been grumbled about by others.

We Wizards have a tough task when we try to teach you Mortal twits about the world in general. Merlin, our Exalted Father of Magecraft, had it toughest of all, those of you who know your King Arthur --- I mean, come on: Camelot was nice, totally awesome and full of possibilities. Then Mordred and Morgan le Fay had to pretty much fuck everything up --- and ultimately, everybody ended up dead! Thank you so bloomin' much, Sir Thomas Malory! Some days, you wish ol' Jerry Bruckheimer had made the movie the way the REAL King Arthur fans wanted it! But noooooooooo! We had to have a sword-and-sorcery rip-off kinda thing that wouldn't last four minutes in Merlin's presence, say I!

Alright, I've ranted long enough. I'm off to lose me Wizardly person in YouTube and try to update me Mardi Gras Monarchs segment in the Dark Chambers pages! See ya!

Master Blackwolf