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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blackwolf vs. His Own Bioclock!

I've often heard it said, dear Mortals, that when a Wizard finds himself taking on his own biological clock, all sorts of strange, amazing things can happen when one least expects it. The problem, no doubt, lies in knowing what to do when you are confronted by this type of physiological experience. That is why, several months ago, your humble Dragonmaster turned to the goodlies over at because, for the most part, there were tons of information I could access regarding the state of mine own well-being.

As you know, with less than 5 days until Oscar Night, and a little over three weeks before St. Patrick's Day, it's tough to tackle your own bioclock and still manage to keep a firm grip on your own personality --- especially when you're New York's Unofficial Wizard. Lately, my bioclock has been misbehaving quite unusually, but fortunately, these concerns have been minor, thank goodness. No doubt this has been the result of the constant climate changes the Planet has been experiencing in recent months; keeping up with those changes, and preventing yourself from sneezing unexpectedly is not something I would recommend you challenge unless you are what they call in the business a 'trained professional.'

"But Master Blackwolf, I'm just a kid. What exactly can I try at home?" I hear you asking. There are many things you youngsters can try at home; the point is determining what is and is not dangerous. These are the things you must discover for yourself. Now, I'd like to take this topic a bit further; but the 80th Annual Academy Awards, my unopened e-mails, and other personal/private stuff require your Dragonmaster's immediate attention, so if you'll kindly excuse me........