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Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh, don't worry, we'll think of a title for this one. Sometime.

Well, Mortals, here we are at another damn Monday --- and no one's called me up, or e-mailed me or even said something resembling hello. Oh, don't mind this foolish old Wizard, my dears. The Jets and Vikings have both disappointed me no end; please read Master Richard's "Super Bowl Rant" on his Facebook pages, that you may understand properly.

Do you realize, by the way, that we're coming up on 500 entries in this Diary of Magecraft? This blog's been here seven years, and yet we're not even close to 1000! Why? The limitations of technology, for one; then there's all this horrid nonsense about personal matters, human differences (and indifferences), and other angry things. Put simply, there are days when I regret the very fact that I even bother to trouble myself with these brainless Mortals! I have yet to encounter a person who can willingly step up to the simple challenge of not judging others by their faults, but rather, by accepting their eccentricities for what they really are --- by which I mean, that which makes us human.

Oh yes, we sometimes undergo consequences in our lives, but is it worth the risk to cause unintended emotional damage to other people? It's long past time, say I, for the eccentrics of the world to rise and rebel against, well .... everything! We do not respect the status quo because the status quo does not respect us in return; and the time is coming when sooner or later, we will all have to tell those who persecute and criticize our every little foible to just shut the hell up. I know not if the Keith Olbermann 12-minute Dubya rant is still in the archives of, but if it is, I urge you to watch it again, and use it as a symbol of your rage against the dying of the light. Use it to let the world know that you've had it with the planet's overwhelming preponderance of uptight squares (whose so-called right-thinking ways are full of shit, anyway!).

There's a reason why, somewhere in the archives of Lucasfilm Limited, there's a small button inscribed with two words: QUESTION AUTHORITY. And clearly, more and more I see an America which is in constant odds with its own far too bloated authorities. It's time to teach these twits a lesson once and for all!