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Thursday, February 08, 2007

One-handed Dragonmaster?

Folks, I shan't lie to you. I have made a brief visit to the apothecary, and, alas, the clean bill o' health, as you Mortals call such things, proved to be less than even I was counting on! Long point short, a month from hence, I am to recieve the word on March 15th from the doofus doctors, who thus expect yours truly to wear what you call a splint, on a full-time basis, possibly affecting my web capabilities and other activities. Not a chance, dearies --- by which I mean, I have no intention of being a Wizard with a permanent arm in a sling, mind you! No, folks, hopefully there will still be enough time to pass before the ligaments they say I've apparently torn in me right thumb will be given the time required of them to properly heal; they will, but I simply don't cotton to the idea of wearing the thing full-time if it's going to affect me duties as your humble, faithful Dragonmaster.

Have courage, friends, fans and colleagues! This is ONE Wizard who can still kick ass if he so chooses! Do keep me in thy prayers, friends!

Master Blackwolf