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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blackwolf the Dragonmaster: 9/11, 2007: Some Thoughts

It irks me, dear Mortals, that your humble Dragonmaster has to work this day. Frankly, I should be out there with the rest of you, dear brethren and sisters, mourning solemnly and reflecting upon the horrifying saga that unfolded six years agone this day. But I must remind myself again, as I have long reminded you over the years, that grief, which we find noble in animals, is no more than an embarrassment when it comes to species Homo sapiens. And of course, as you might expect, every man must confront that grief in his own way.

So, too, it is with us Wizards. If you'll recall the balance of my backstory, one week before 9/11 per se, I was fortunate to make my first radio appearance, through the auspices of the Teachers' & Writers' Collaborative, to make my case for all my fellow Magic-users, in a little something called Why New York Needs Wizards. Even today, I stand by the philosophy of what I wrote; even now, looking back, I myself find meself having to ask: "Isn't anyone happy anymore?"

There are more than a few reasons to say yea or nay to that particular question; I only wonder how far I'll go to have it all answered.

Master Blackwolf