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Monday, February 01, 2010

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2010: Can Anyone Stop Avatar?

Well, folks, seven maniacal weeks have passed --- and still no one can withstand the unstoppable power of James Cameron's Avatar! Having surpassed the $2 billion mark worldwide, the sci-fi epic is well poised to surpass Titanic as the biggest-grossing film of all time domestically --- further sealing into stone James Cameron's place as the King of the World.

And if you Mortals have doubts, know that your humble Dragonmaster suggests ye lose said doubts right now. Why? Because it will not surprise anyone next month if the world wakes up to find itself facing a second major Best Picture Oscar winner from the realm of sci-fi/fantasy; indeed, 'twas this foolish ancient Wizard who made that prediction in December. Bottom line: silence, thou vile haters, for the Avatards have spoken, and THEY WILL NOT BE DENIED!

I can't promise ye much, dearests, but if and when I have a proper chance to get all the nominees to you --- and that means every name, every category, every site if need be --- they will be posted here. (However, I still have to find an Oscar party to crash, if at all possible.)