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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Words of Wisdom

Well, Mortals, here we are --- October 31st, 2006 -- and, as we celebrate our Eve of the Samhain, I am reminded of some rather twisted adventures. This little blurb hither in me Diary of Magecraft is gonna be a little short today, as I have a lot to do --- not the least of which is fulfilling me commitments to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade ---but I think you goodlies are in for a few good sensible words of Wizardly wisdom from this foolish old beetlehead:

First, always be aware of your surroundings --- and KNOW WHO YOUR LOYAL FANS ARE AT ALL TIMES! There are, as always, dum-dums who, as usual, don't necessarily get it about yours truly (I suppose that was a fact I could never really escape from), but, if and when the occasion demnds it, let people know who you are. This being Halloween, methinks it be a perfect time to do exactly that, as there have been certain twits who have dismissed your Dragonmaster as a so-called "storybook character". For such idiots, I have but one word, that word being WRONG! For starters, the High Istari didn't send me into your dimension to play nicey-nice [this despite the fact that I have had to indeed play nicey-nice when the occasion has demanded it of me]. The point is, dearies, Mortals lack far too much imagination; they tend to let the old question mark icon do their thinking for them. I say to such people, it's time you had a harsh reminder as to why I do my dirty work for this town!

I'm Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, dammit --- and I will NOT be dismissed as a storybook character by any of you pea-brained twits! I told you when I first came here that New York, being one tough town, was in need of one tough Wizard! And so, here I stand, wiling to accept the challenge! And to those who cannot respect that, I can only say Fuck you, because I have no intention of sitting on me butt and taking things like a quote-unquote man! I can mix it up as much as the next Mage, dearies, and I won't take any guff from those who would dare dismiss me as any kind of storybook character. Besides, why do you think I constantly talk about my still in progress film project, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's First Movie?

Well, enough nonsense for now. I've had my say. Now if you'll kindly excuse me, I've got a Parade to be in on. There's a certain Brooklyn werewolf named Moonstar that I've been wanting to rendezvous for the whole bloomin' year, and that's my other excuse on this All Hallows' Eve for getting me Wizardly butt out of me bloody house!

Master Blackwolf