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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blackwolf on Why Fox Rules World


Rum pum! Rum pum! Brrrrrrrrrr, rum pum! Dan da da da, da-da-da-da-da, dan da da da da da da da da da dan da da da, ah ah ah aaaaaaah (dan da da da!), ah ah ah aaaaaaaaaah (dan da da da!) ah ah ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah (dan da da daaaaaaaaaaaa)!

Yes, kids, it's Rupert's world. We simply live hither. In case you need the full 411, your Dragonmaster would like to declare this to be the summer that saw the coming of Fox Generation: Fox News; Fox Sports; Fox Films; of course, New York's ever-frantic, ever-fearless Fox 5 --- in short, kiddos, Fox, Fox, Fox!

Why does Fox rule the world, Master Blackwolf? I hear you asking. Because William Fox, who put it all together in 1914, could not have done it all on his own. Why, were he living today, he'd be astonished knowing that the little television network with his name on it is #1 two years in a row! From this Wizard's perspective, that's saying quite a lot. Ours has become Fox Generation: American Idol remains everyone's favorite G-rated Can't Stop the Music sequel; you're no one unless you've been in The OC; there's no escape when you've got only 24; Stewie Griffin still wants to take over the world; we're finally gonna get that long-dreamed of Simpsons movie --- and of course, Saturday nights are always safe thanks to Cops and America's Most Wanted!

Yes, Mortals, your Dragonmaster knows: You can't stop Fox! So don't. 'Nuff said.

Besides, I love it when you're #1 all the time --- anyway you can. And for one little network to have that sort of 'tude takes guts --- and this is ONE network with the guts market practically bought lock, stock and barrel! Methinks I might get high on Fox stuff next.....

Master Blackwolf

Barbaro the King (Well, almost!)

As I scribbled hither a few days ago, DO NOT piss off Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro. You will be his lunch if you do. When Cartoon Network's [adult swim] sent a geek to interview this mighty steed, they knew not that Barbaro was not the sort of horse to dare spend his time with losers. Like you, it seems to me, Barbaro is fed up with the Planet being totally without a Triple Crown Champion in Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Barbaro wants to be the King! To that end, he hopes to dominate this Saturday's Preakness Stakes; hopefully, once that's done --- and the Belmont Stakes ultimately taken care of as well --- I, who just happens to be a more sensible, more responsible interviewer, shall have the chance to interview Barbaro the King properly.

As ever, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf