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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Missing Old Friends and Looking Forward to New Friends (Part One)

As many of you may know, I usually wear two handkerchiefs around my hat. I do so because --- well, you never know when you might have to find yourself shedding a tear or two. Even a Wizard has to have a little time for tears, you know. So I have had more than my share of occasions over the years when I have had to blow me nose a good sniffle or two (HONK!). Today, because it's Thursday, I just thought it might be a good idea to just wax poetic on a few of my dear old friends, whom I miss very dearly:

Of course, dear Sir Clisto Seversword, whose Tome of Adventure and Knowledge is still one of the best resources around. To reach thither, one must type in --- and voila! You're there, by Merlin's beard! How much bigger his photo gallery will be I know not; but I suppose my own Gallery of Faire Friends is a rather puny affair compared against all he has. Well, one ne'er knows, eh what? And then there's Master Thoth, my dear and glorious loony in the loincloth (Heh-heh!) I still recall that unexpected moment when the little short film that told Master Thoth's story captured the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject --- though I must admit I found it strange that he had somehow infiltrated the red carpet that particular Oscar Night! (Heh-heh!) Anywho, Thoth is on the other side of the Planet now, but still remaineth accessible by means of the Aether --- --- and of course, I do look forward to greeting him in the coming spring.

And of course, what can one say regarding the Naked Cowboy? There he stands in the midst of Times Square, strummin' his trusty gee-tar, an' croonin' his theme song: "Now, I'm the Naked Cowboy, comin' to a town near you...." I have had the privilege of exploring, and I must tell you, there is an inspiring personal story behind his legend, which only that website itself can reveal. I've only enough time to recall one more of me old friends, dear old Ryleh the Wanderer, that Hedgewizard among Hedgewizards! How I used to love scribbling in the old Wanderer's guestbook; I still often pop into, though I don't do so as much as I used to. Ah, me. I do so much writing and chronicling I barely have a day or two off. But I think I shall take a well-deserved day off upon the morrow, and see where me journeys take me. When next i scribble hither, Part Two of "Missing Old Friends and Looking Forward to New Friends" will introduce ye to me new, more recent discoveries in the realm of cyber. My word, I can't wait to tell ye about them!

Until I post hither anon,

I am, as always,

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf