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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How Not to Party with Controversy

Y'know, Mortals, the folks at Happy Madison Entertainment are incredible. For some reason, Adam Sandler's people decided to team up with the gang from MTV's Films Division to create a remake of the 1974 prison/football drama, The Longest Yard. While I admit the film was quite angry, humourous, and a tad violent, I will say this: The New York premiere was quite delicious. And had I been allowed, I would have immediately introduced Adam to big ol', lovable Thor. Indeed, the Barbarian was quite impressed that he had earned the right to do this little thing with me Wizardly person. As I just said, I only wish Adam had been able to meet the Burly One.

The only tiny flaw to the film's success, if one can call it such, had to do with Burt Reynolds apparently attempting to teach a CBS Newspath producer a lesson in learning how to conduct a celebrity interview properly. Seems that Reynolds slapped the guy in the face (gently, one would presume) with the camera rolling! The producer acknowledged that he had neither seen this new Longest Yard or the original 1974 version --- and that's when the guy got smacked. "What kinda guy are you?" Burt allegedly asked.

Apparently, the producer screamed (rhetorically, mind you!) 'Burt Reynolds assulted me!' Oh, twaddle! This poor soul obviously needs to get a grip. I have observed Burt's playful nature over the years, especially in terms of his partnership with Dom DeLuise; so I believe he was indeed exercising his playful side. However, I would advise Burt in future to show at least a little restraint, or, if need be, decorum! Behavior even among celebrities deserves at least something in the way of decency!