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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Meet Greece's Next Cool Archbishop: Hieronymos!

Until a few days ago, he was plain ol' Metropolitan Ieronymos of Thebes, professor of philosophy and archeological explorer. He got a lot of his training in Berlin, and was even general manager of the Orthodox Christian Church of Greece's always popular radio network. But a couple days ago, after a super-fast conclave that lasted four hours, the former Ionnis Laipis now finds himself the 20th spiritual leader of Greece's 4.5 million Orthodox Christians.

Heeeeeere's His Eminece, Archbishop Hieronymos of Greece, dudes! Head for to say your hellos! Like America's Archbishop Demetrios, Hieronymos is one of Patriarch Bartholomew's best buds, so we can all count on some totally excellent things from this dude! His Enthronement Ceremony happens next Saturday, so you dudes out there might wanna make your plans to be in on the celebration!

Congratulations, Your Eminence! Looking forward to checking out the way you're gonna inspire us out there! Cool!