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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Today's Guest Blogger: Boreas Rex, King of the Winds!

Greetings, fans of the Winter Solstice and other interested Mortals! Boreas Rex, King of the Winds here --- and I am, as one might expect, eager to once more reclaim my Magical Winter Kingdom, better known to you Mortals as St. Paul, Minnesota! In 2011, the St. Paul Winter Carnival will observe its 125th Anniversary, so this year's festival, which kicks off January 21st, is a very special time for my Royal Court indeed, so all of the goodlies with whom I've long been associated will be counting down with me.

Let's see, methinks a good rundown of those whom I've invited to the party is in order: of course, Titan, Euros, Notos and Zephyrus all have their usual invites already sent out, as is the case with the Royal Guardsfolk and dear Klondike Kate. Doubtless I'll have to expect the usual fiery shenanigans from ol' Hothead (Drat!). And then, of course, I'll need the Royal Cast team to set up all my photo ops, meet-n'-greets, etc.; and then there's the media to deal with, particularly the Star-Tribune and Pioneer Press, Minnesota Monthly and MSP Magazines --- and, as ever, I can count on 'CCO and KARE to get everything together on the two Parades ---- so, I guess we have everything pretty much cast in stone. Now, all that remains is for me to go and --- well, do my thing.

Wait a minute, I'm doing me thing already! The Weather Channel says my Arctic blasts are freezing the daylights out of the East Coast, with Maine set for blizzards, blizzards and more blizzards! That, I think, deserves a very civilized Whoopie!, as I haven't had this much winter fun since I was just a little Prince! (Heh-heh!)

Well, Mortals, I think we've covered just about everything. Thank you so much, Master Blackwolf, for letting me briefly take over your Diary of Magecraft that I might let my loyal subjects know what to expect! See you all in a few weeks, Minnesotans, and may your every winter wish come true!

Frostily yours,

Boreas Rex, King of the Winds