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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Brief Update for Concerned Fans of the Diary of Magecraft

Greetings, Mortals --- which is to say (at least, in this case anyway!), welcome to those of you who miss my bizarre and delicious commentaries in this, my principal blog, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft.

First things first: As many of you might have heard, Yahoo! has, in its apparently infinite wisdom, chosen to shut down its GeoCities operations at some point during the summer. This has, again as you might have heard, caused me and the rest of the Electric Pirates Entertainment Family of Characters much grumbling, let alone gnashing of teeth, as this situation could not have occured at a worse moment for me; thanks to the twits at all three Manhattan Apple Stores, I now have to deal with being online for only a certain, shall we say limited amount of time! OK, I shall dispense with the bullshit. They want you to play with their precious termianls for 30 minutes, the fools! Their problem is, they don't like a lot of my netless colleagues hangin' out at nine o'clock inna morning; accordingly, I've been forced to seek out a better method whereby I can keep a proper eye on the 10 websites our fearless Master Richard controls.

Frankly, kids, one simply cannot look after 10 websites within the space of 30 minutes. That's a job for Superman, not for a Mage of my stature!

Look, folks, I dislike having to rant to you in this manner, but be assured that this foolish old beetlehead is still here and still determined! So I'm moving the Dark Chambers to; while the other GeoCities pages created by Master Richard --- including Uncle Fergus' Bagpipers' Paradise and The Quartet of the Longbeards --- will find new homes at, the idea being to re-brand the lot as the Blackbeard's Castle/KringleQuest Network --- BCKQ, for short. In addition, I shall be relying on Wikipedia, the Internet Movie Database and other sources to put me site links back up lickety split. That, and I intend on getting me paws on a bloomin' laptop, as I would prefer to continue sharing me Wizardly wisdom with you Mortals on a six-/seven-day-per-week basis. I can only ask that you all bear with me, as it's gonna be a helluva process; and even now the burden of it is tuckering me out.

That, combined with the fact that I'm doing AIDS Walk New York over the weekend; with the 27th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade to follow on June 20th (I'll team up once more with dearest Debbie D for that one; and I understand that one of Philadelphia's leading Mummers Parade veterans, the Uptown String Band of Hulmeville, will join us to perform one of their more classic routines, as well as promote!)

For right now, though, you need only that I'm working on putting together me new home; again, if thou knowst not, it's; if you can't find me there, I still have my Authorized MySpace site, as well as my and sites. Now I have to go clean up my Yahoo! Mail Inbox; there's about 50 items of possible spam therein, and I know I'm gonna have a tremendous headache by the time this day is over! Therefore, I beg ye:

Pray, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf