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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Persistent Applications and Halloween Dysfunctions --- The Blackwolf Way

You know, we Wizards do tend to boast a lot about being persistant in applying our ancient and current Codes of Conduct; I simply chose mine because there was, and obviously still is, one Mortal with whom I can properly share a lot of the elements of my many Adventures, that Mortal being, of course, Master Richard. Anyway, I have had an audience with Her Majesty, Margaret, Queen of Scotland and the Isles, she who bestowed upon mine humble person both the title Duke and First Marquess of Talisker as well as the duties of Royal Court Mage. That is why, whenever I feel the need to share with Her Majesty mine inner-most secrets without the aid of this very Diary, I need only log on to Her Majesty's Bower, at --- and know that I am comforted by a dear and glorious friend.

Still, for all its tribulations, the Night of the Samhain can be a rather controversial one, too --- thus, the Ded Bob Web Paj,, has experienced of late several political seizures on the part of the Ded One himself (as I eventually discovered, Ded Bob hath spawned an angrier, more frightening personae tha]n normal, much of it the result of recent events involving President Bush. This being a post-9/11 Multiverse, I suppose, one would expect such anger from even a mere skeleton!

Regardless, as I begin to tire after all my recent adventures --- including my delicious meet and greet of three or so days ago with that oh, so naughty Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ( --- along with Jimmy Vivino and his Band, and Doug Dale --- hey, at least we got about 125-130 Mortals to get in on the fun, which ain't too bad! Now, there remains but one event 'pon mine immediate schedule, and that is the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade (, during which I must renew the vows I took in the presence of my seven Wizardly bosses, the Grand High Istari; and, of course, my traditional "unpacking of Elvira's page," Elvira of course being no less than the Mistress of the Dark herself (! Cassandra Peterson may be a parent these days, as well as a member of those hooligans known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA []) --- but those wonderful boobs of hers will always be a key element of this foolish old beetlehead's Halloween dreams!

So, O Champions of Magecraft, there you have it: Halloween according to Master Blackwolf. I trust that everyone will have a safe, sensible --- and, er, oh yeah, twisted Halloween Eve! When thou art nutzoid enough, mine goodly gentles, thou canst do anything! So sweareth Blackwolf, Duke and First Marquess of Talisker!