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Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Rare and Quiet Thursday Morning

On most Thursday mornings, a Dragonmaster tends to reflect on the strange, bizarre silliness which is Da Big Pitcha. As New York's Unofficial Wizard, a key aspect of my duties has to do with the fact that sometimes I must explore mine own inner Mage. Consider, for example, this profound commentary:

"I think that the problem with a lot of these, er, other Evil Geniuses has to do with the fact that they lack patience. They wanna take over the world, and yet they want it Friday. It's just not that simple. It's very important, I think, that you should start out slow --- which is to say, take over your neighbor, or your wife, over maybe even your mother-in-law. I mean, I've been around some of these other villains. They wanna rule the world, and yet they can't even control their own kids."
---The Brainwave, evil mastermind, on the aftermath of ruling the world, from the Superman 50th Anniversary Special

Clearly what the Brainwave is suggesting is that there are certain flaws that one potentially must suffer once the whole euphoria of world domination wears off. Sure, you're master of absolutely everything now --- but then, just as you're feeling your powerful oats, so to speak, that's when you start in with the inevitable "What next?" In other words, there's a certain side to world domination that the Saturday morning cartoons never truly bothered to explore. That you're hearing this from a charter member of the Good Guys is strange enough, I grant you; still, it has long been your Dragonmaster's policy to explore both sides of the curtain. The rest of the argument, as always, I leave in your capable hands.

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