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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Special Commentary from Uncle Fergus on Behalf of Scotsmen Everywhere:

Caed mille failte, friends of Scotland and all proud-hearted Scotsfolk!

Pipe Major Fergus MacAndrich Lochinvar Gordon (Retired) here, a/k/a yer auld Uncle Fergus, last American-born descendant o' th' Gordons of Lochinvar, and guardian ghostly spirit of Scottish Highland Games fans everywhere!

Word has reached these Highland ears that there has been an overly furious anti-Scotland backlash, spawned by the recent decision to free the lone survivor of Pan Am Flight 103, who apparently is about to die from terminal cancer. Americans, even those of Scottlish blood, have threatened, and may still be doing so as these words are being written, to cancel any and all future trips across the Atlantic, and, at worst, cease any and all business transactions with Scotland and her people.

Much of that outrage has been fueled through a website called, which has threatened, and I quote:

"Unless the Scottish Government rescinds this decision to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi, and if the British Parliament continues to avoid intervening in the mater, we urge all Americans to protest this action by boycotting the United Kingdom in general, and Scotland in full. Do not travel to Scotland or do business of any kind there (or in the United Kingom in general), and do not purchase any products made in Britain or Scotland."

Indeed, as I write these words, there are, according to, many e-mails in their inbox from Americans, including those of Scottish descent, who have in fact, and will soon attempt to, cancel future plans for Scottish holidays or other travel to Scotland.

As the guardian spirit of Scottish Highland Games everywhere, my destiny, charged unto me by no less than Saint Andrew himself, has been to haunt the Scottish Highland Games of the world, to remind Scotsfolk of all heritages to take pride in their Scottish origins. Even now, those responsible for the organization of America's Scottish Games are wondering, in light of these horrifiyng events, if it is at all worth it to go on, despite the controversy. The answer to that, as far as yer auld Uncle Fergus is concerned, is YES --- and that's why Blackwolf the Dragonmaster has asked me tae guest-blog in his Diary of Magecraft, so that I could remind all our proud Scotsfolk:

Be not afraid! Let not yer hearts be troubled, beloved Bravehearters! Think about what the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Worlds @ Glasgow, the Braemar Gathering, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe all mean to you! What would become of these fine Scottish traditions if Americans were not present to experience them?

And what, in return, about the Scottish Games and Festivals held here on this side of the Atlantic, several of them having endured for a century or more? What happens to them should the ties 'twixt Americans and Scotsfolk be broken? What becomes of the New Hampshire Scottish Games @ Loon Mountain? The Caledonian Club of San Francisco's Scottish Games at Pleasanton's Alameda County Fairgrounds? My own home Scottish Games, Clan MacDuff @ Old Westbury Gardens? And, of course, the King o' them all, Grandfather Mountain? Would ye dare risk tae have them cease in light of these terrible events?

In the final analysis, the only option left is for the friendship between America and Scotland to continue --- for surely, the rage of many and the fall of others is nae worth the fury over one man.

Yers aye,

Uncle Fergus