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Saturday, March 01, 2008

This Weekend's Guest Blogger: King Kong!

Me Kong. Me famous big ape, Empire State Building, yadda yadda yadda. Me 75 years old this weekend. Me cool on me big birthday! Happy birthday to me!

Me pals on Skull Island celebrate with big birthday bash! Feasting, leafy food, screening of all Kong's movies. Just like Humans, which is why me take over Blackwolf Diary of Magecraft today.

Still, everybody still like visit because they still love how Peter Jackson make Kong look good! Kong want to work for Weta Digital all the time now.

As usual, though, it means nothing without Fay Wray. Kong still miss Fay Wray. Fay Wray still mean everything to Kong. Kong still grumble cuz Jessica Lange still want to forget about Kong. Kong still grumble about Dino, too. But Kong tell you all that last time Kong guest blog in Blackwolf Diary of Magecraft. Hope nice Humans sing "Happy Birthday" on Sunday. Make Kong happy. Kong brush away big, happy Kong tear of joy. (Sniffle!) Still nice to know Kong loved!