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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Doing the Medieval Festival

As you know, your humble Dragonmaster gets the most tremendous kick out of being in on Fort Tryon Park's most magical occasion, our annual Medieval Festival. My fellow Wizard, Merdwin the Mediocre, is always a favorite with the little ones; the Crimson Pirates never fail to wow their listeners with their shanties of the seas, musical ribaldry and other weird stuff; Philip Hole, the Singing Gravedigger is on hand for more of his melodies about sex, the sea and death; 3 Pints Shy sing the same sort of songs --- only, they prefer to add beer to their repertoire! --- the New York Scottish Pipes, Drums and Dancers honk and bang themselves silly; and of course, there are representatives from the SCA's Eastern Kingdom who always join in on the festivities! As usual, the ruling Monarchs --- in this case, Their Majesties King Lucan and Queen Jana --- never bother to show up! Damn!

But there are a few who still do: The Duke and Duchess of Stanford (Marc Goldstein and Joyce Urwin); Brother Dementus, the Mad Monk (Patrick Carey); King Henry and Lady Victoria (Jake and Edith van Housen); Don Tomas and Lady Anne of Sussex (Tom and Patricia Darmstadt); the Salomone Trio; St. Mark's Consort; members of the New York Caledonian Club; Captain Alphonse and the Newcastle Infantrie, those marchin' Barbarians, swordfight, brandish their weapons, and look like they all want to beat you up (which, of course, is their job); and, as usual, I could go on and on.....

But, and again as you all know, I have long wished for my colleagues from the Kingdom of Shiabruck to join us as well. Now, assuming that Mother Nature decides to cooperate with yours truly a week from hence, that wish may very well be at long last granted, and King Henry the Red and I will finally get to greet one another face-to-face! Yessssss!

Well, we'll see just what happens. Anywho, gotta go. I just recently found several tributes to Dumbledore on, and I need to find out whether they're up to me Wizardly standards. Besides, I'm planning to produce a clip myself ---- only, mine would be set to "Seasons of Love" from Rent; and would feature me reading my now-classic Dumbledore Eulogy. Let's just hope my remarks are tasteful, and don't take too long!

Master Blackwolf