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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas in the Dark Chambers

Well, Mortals, Christmas is almost upon us (Huzzah! and hurrah!), and I can't wait to celebrate! The future is at hand when my humble hovel will, hopefully, be left just the way it is; picking up after a bunch of twits who pretty much want to destroy me beloved digs will only miff me even more; indeed, knowing Master Richard, the lad's paranoia will eventually, I suspect, kick in --- and then, there'll be the obligatory bitching and moaning and whatnot. Ah, me. But I think I shall be more into pursuing my Quests --- those which Thor the Barbarian hath assign'd me Wizardly person.

My present conumdrum involves seeking out clipart images that will, if all goes well, allow Thor's website,, to look like it was literally run by barbarians! The only question is: How does one seek out the kind of clipart that will, perchance, meet Thor's needs, while at the same time invite potential visitors and/or sponsors to take on this challenge? I fear I shall have little option but to design the damn things myself, as clearly there are few copyright-free sources of clipart imagery that can serve Thor's desires.

Meanwhile, there is the little matter of Master Richard's legendary pages, --- his incredible website saluting Santa Claus: The Movie, the last truly great fantasy from the House of Salkind. In light of the recent U.S. box-office failure of Oliver Stone's film about Alexander, The Ilya Salkind Company's own exploration of the legendary king has been pushed aside to early spring 2005. Details of this are accessible at the ISC homepage, (I could see that coming from a mile away!)

Well, enough scribbling in this blarsted Diary of Magecraft for now! I am already thoroughly pooped; and deserve a guzzle or two of ye good stuff (that would be Coca-Cola Classic, of course!)!

Till next time, my faithful and ever silly Mortal friends,

I continue to remain, your humble servant,

Master Blackwolf