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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some More Thoughts Prior to the Medieval Festival

Y'know, kids, there's a whole bloomin' lot that can push a Mage over the edge; especially when you wanna keep things under control. Consider our 27th Annual Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park. I see that we have a sizable round-up as far as this year's Cast o' Characters goes: of course, I know that Don Tomas and Lady Anne of Sussex (Tom and Patty Darmsteadt) will lead us in the Children's Parade; old Friar Nyp (Lesley Retzer) will be scoping around, seeking out souls to rescue; the Salomone Trio; the New York Scottish Pipes and Drums; Marco the Magician; the Knights of Round Table Productions will battle on their mightiest steeds; even me olde ferocious Knight, Captain Zorikh, will offer another glorious lesson in the fine art of swordplay --- and, as ever, the SCA's Eastern Kingdom will send along its finest representatives.

Except, of course, the newly-crowned King and Queen, Gregor von Heisler and Kiena Stewart. For eons now, I've been grumpy because the new Eastern King and Queen never show up to the Medieval Festival (except for the year Konrad and Brenwen did show up, if only to learn more of me); everyone else in the Line of the East's Kings and Queens has been a total no-show! Drat!

There are, and yes, I'm gonna boast here, three (sometimes four) members of Ye Cast o' Characters that are missing from the proceedings: Their Majesties, King Tiberias and Queen Sybella of Jerusalem, along with meself and Sir David of Poole, their banner-bearer (Sir David, citing ye olde scheduling conflict, shan't make it this year) --- the Royal Court of Jerusalem! Why we've never been invited by dear Dennis to have our character and Mundane names included amongst the Medieval Festival Cast is beyond me; and I have long been a supporter of the Festival for all of its 27 years! And this year, I shall be the one with the Dragon --- namely, me fiery partner from Scotland, Sir Aragorn --- despite the fact that once more, I will have to face the prospect of being the one and only full-time Wizard in attendance at the Festival. Happily, Sir Aragorn and I will be spending much of our time with Their Majesties, so the burden will be, thank goodness, a wee bit less stressful.

Well, enough nonsense, Mortals. I shall see ye all out thither on Sunday. And, as ever, may Fortune favor the foolish (that would be me).