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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Good Wizards Fall Asleep Badly, Along with Other Interesting Tidbits

When your humble Dragonmaster first joined the world community of bloggers in the midst of August 2004, I did so in the hope that I could bring you my deepest, silliest, most adventurous secrets --- secrets which, if utilized properly, could affect the balance between Good and Evil. Now, five years later, I am having to change and evolve, even as the Web changes and evolves right along with me. Reinventing oneself is often a hazardous bit of business unless you are able to outwit, outblog, and outlast the other guy. What, then, happens should you successfully accomplish your mission? Well, in my case, you get to share the rewards of a good many loyal friends.

Right at the moment, most of those friends are either on vacation or busy with other matters, so for now I am turning mine energies specifically on stuff concerning ye Byg Appyl per se. Yeah, sure, I tend to mumble about how annoying New York can be at times --- and how nutty it can drive a Mage like me ..... for there is very likely a side to ne that can give rise or fall to that which is remarkably unexpected, and, at worst, occasionally controversial.

But today is Wednesday, and unfortunately, there's nothing controversial to share with you today. Of course, I continue to monitor the current news re this year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade, with the notion that Dick Zigun is currently being investigated, and, of course, Dick's choice of Reverend Billy and Savitra D, Founding Ministers of the Church of Stop Shopping, as this year's King Neptune and Queen Mermaid. Again, my earlier conclusion --- that Dick chose those two in an apparent fit of pique --- stands. I can only wonder if I'm right. As ever, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf