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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conversing with King Salmonella of Vulgaria

As you read this, Mortals, I am sharing a few words with His Vulgarian Majesty, King Salmonella from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (Mundanely known as Tim Hunt). Obviously, he thinks I'm a wonderful fellow; and I have invited the Vulgarian Royal Court to "crash" the Quite an Imagination Release Party --- assuming we make it to that level. But there's so much planning and preparation to handle first, to say nothing of those six months of post-production! Nevertheless, I've invited everyone --- the Royals from the Imperial Court of New York; Ik the Troll; King Tiberias and Queen Sybella of Jerusalem; of course, ol' Poopstar and Robert Smigel; Lordi and fiends (presumably, with their new monster on drums); Thor the Barbarian and Family; Her Majesty, Margaret, Queen of Scotland and the Isles, from the Scarborough Renaissance Festival; Her Majesty, Elizabeth I from the New York Renaissance Faire Sterling Forest; King Henry the Red of Shiabruck; Sir Clisto; Ryleh the Wanderer; Master Craig, the Minstrel Lutenist; the Bedlam Bards --- in short, everyone who has contributed in their own small way to making a difference in this foolish old Wizard's life.

How do I thank them all for making this foolish, ancient Wizard's many, many exciting and twisted dreams come true? Oh, how I long to have them all have a copy of the movie when it's finished! I just can't wait to start our post-production phase so that it can finally happen!

In the meantime, Missive #600 in this Diary of Magecraft is on its way. As ever, pray, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf