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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Of Mastering Lulu and Locating Another Henry VIII

Well, Muninn was correct: was everything Muninn told me it would be. Alas, mastering it was as much of a chore as I had expected it to be as well. And so, in order to rescure me peace of mind --- and to once more give meself a break from a long overdue rut, I have been forced to return to 25 Chapel Street in Brooklyn, where there have been significant changes in the way dear old Room 1203 has been run.

True, some of the old-timers survive here, Lynn Wahlberg most notably, and dear Albertha, who is the mother hen of the place --- but unfortunately much of the system is dependent on the inadequate network called Mozilla Firefox, which, unfortunately cannot locate certain websites. Some of them are there; it's just that the servers they're on cannot be located in certain areas.

I now have at least a working pair of copies, one of which I intend to use as a 'sample chapter,' of my proposed book, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Wizards' Guide to New York City. I described the premise of the book, and gave you its full title here yesterday, so I think I need not repeat meself.

Meanwhlie, there is an apparent challenger to ol' Ray Irving's Henry VIII --- only this time, his name is Mike Farley, and he styles himself as simply Good King Hal and there's a very wonderful photo at Mike's page that's just too darn cute: His Majesty and a wee would-be musician, tootling on traverse flutes together! Delicious! Once more, the too darn cute factor is call'd into play; come, dearies, share its wonders with me!

Master Blackwolf