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Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: His Oceanic Majesty, King Neptune!

Hail, surface-dwellers!

Like Master Blackwolf, I am surprised somewhat by the recent actions of my most loyal supporter, Dick Zigun --- specifically, his recent marriage. Is the master of Coney Island USA, home of this Saturday's 24th Annual Mermaid Parade, going family man on me? Hey, I didn't mind when Disney transformed me into King Triton for their Ariel thing, but hey, some days ya gotta know when weird is weird. Anyway, I am Neptunius Rex, King of the Sea (but I guess you surface-dwellers have figured that out already); and I have a few things I'd like to say to the Mortals of Earth, particularly the dum-dums of the States:

Katrina taught everybody a lesson. Just hope I don't have to send anybody else that kind of big storm. Master Blackwolf and I, as you know, made a bet some 2 years ago about the Yankees and the Marlins in the 2003 World Series. The idea was, if the Yankees won, I would have to wear a Yankee cap in place of my usual royal raiments; whereas if the Marlins won, Blackwolf would have to surrender control of Earth and her oceans to me! Well, you all know by now that the Marlins did indeed humiliate the Yanks in that World Series --- in their own Stadium, mind you! --- and now, I can't wait to summon the Dragonmaster back to my Throne Room, to once more gloat about how the Yanks can't get it right --- AGAIN! (Which is just as well because, with the All-Star break just a few weeks away, this season, I'm rooting for the Mets!)

Anyway, do come to our Mermaid Parade and Mermaid Parade Ball this weekend.... and if you do encounter Master Blackwolf, he'll be busy with my favorite Brown-Haired Mermaid, Debbie D --- who, at least, knows class when she sees it! She thinks I made her pal Serena the Sea Princess preggers; I don't intend to comment on that one!

Neptunius Rex, King of the Sea