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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Dispatch from Dun Morogh and Ironforge, with His Royal Majesty, King Magni Bronzebeard

Hey there, World of WarCraft fans! We are so juiced up: the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl and the whole bunch, are doing the closing night of BlizzCon at the Anaheim, California Convention Center! and you can bet that even I, King Magni Bronzebeard of Dun Morogh and Ironforge, am thirsting to get Davy boy's autograph!

In fact, we've packed with so much stuff --- photos, virtual pets, a full schedule and tons of happenings for you guys to enjoy --- Man, we've got way too much happening here at Blizzard Entertainment's fabulous World Headquarters, here in beautiful, downtown Irvine, California --- and even I can't make sense of it all! Just visit all our sites, kids, and drink it all in! Catch ya later, Dwarf-lovin' dudes and dudettes!



The Fall TV Season: Blackwolf Ponders

"Hi folks! We're NBC, and let's face it, our shows suck. Frankly, we haven't a decent --- read, REAL big hit show since The Cosby Show, and basically, you probably just want the old NBC back. Look, we screwed up on the whole Jay Leno thing, and we're fine with that. But hey, even a network gets stupid, y'know!"

In case you Mortals tuned in late, they pulled the plug on The Playboy Club, and they're gonna replace it with a prime-time newsmagazine called Rock Center with Brian Williams. Why do I find all this so bloomin' underwhelming? Because, kids, when you're Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, and television becomes so icky of late that it gets to a point where you just don't wanna watch it anymore, that's where you have to say:

Y'know what? Let's NOT all be there......

Well, no more rants from me for a while. Here's Dispatch from Dun Morogh and Ironforge.