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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve 2005 in the Dark Chambers, with a Preview of Blackwolf 2006

Well, Mortals, the world still amazes me, even as I follow its adventures! First of all, some imbecile in Jackson, Missouri with no clue about what Scottish kilts are and what they represent dares to make a young, kilt-loving high school prom would-be attendee go back home and find a pair of pants!

Meet Nathan Warmack. He wants to honor the heritage of his Scottish forebears by wearing a Scottish kilt to his high-school dance. Well, some doofus principal then tells him to go back home and put on a pair of pants!

Well, since then, what started out with a simple yard or two of Scottish tartan has sparked an international debate about freedom, cultural symbols and global dress. Over 1600 folks have signed an online petition seeking an apology on Nathan's behalf. And this isn't the first time an incident like this has happened.

Victoria, Texas, 1992: Two boys want to wear their kilts to the prom. The principal there refuses, stating that the boys aren't Scots.

Fayette County, Georgia, 1993: a student is barred from attending his high-school prom after showing up in a kilt.

Franklin, Indiana Community High School, 1997: Several boys are permitted to dress in skirts in class, the principal accepting the different ways whereby people express themselves.

Well, when Nathan was ordered by principal Rick McClard to go home and change, Warmack says McClard told him "This is my dance, and I'm not gonna have students coming into it looking like clowns."

By Merlin's beard! How stupid must ye be? Aren't there bagpipe bands, St. Andrews Societies and the like in the Jackson, Missouri area? And just how is a Scottish kilt distracting? Nathan is worried now that school officials are just waiting for the situation to blow over. Simply put, it won't! I don't think it will! Knowing my pal Uncle Fergus, I suspect he'll be a-thirstin' fer revenge afore ye Mortals can blink!

Anyway, as for your humble Dragonmaster, there's much to look forward to in 2006, starting with my new robes, which I shall wear publicly for the first time at the Easter Parade --- but first, I gotta deal with Super Bowl XL, the XXth Olympic Winter Games, the Oscar Nominations (and yes, I'll be blogging hither about the ABC telecast!), and of course, St. Patrick's Day 2006! Master Richard is not yet 42 Mortal years old, and already I'm destined to be pooped! But before any of all of the above, I will try to post hither my belated Christmas present to you all --- Richard's original story, His Majesty's Weekend!

That's quite a lot on ol' Blackwolf's menu, eh what? Nonetheless, Merry Christmas, Mortals! Be well, each and all!

Master Blackwolf