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Thursday, June 22, 2006

When everybody else seems to be rather busy......

I should like to greet the three merry guitar-strummers calling themselves 7 & Counting, who were nice enough to croon a tune or three for your Dragonmaster the other day. Even New York's Unofficial Wizard must need a few bits of folk music to cheer up these weary old bones, and 7 & Counting provided the perfect way to accomplish this. It surprises me that, every so often on my journeys, I encounter bands that aren't really worthy of a second look, but deserve your attention nonetheless. 7 & Counting is one such band; hopefully, within future entries in this Diary of Magecraft, I shall reveal another such deserving ensemble.

I received my annual flyers from the New York Renaissance Faire yesterday. Because this year's Faire's Opening Weekend, which occurs in August, puts me precariously close to the following weekend's World Pipe Band Championships at Glasgow, I am having to see what's going on with my distinguished colleague, Uncle Fergus, with his Bagpipers' Paradise (How aptly named!).

Anywho, it's coming up on 12 of the clock, by the way these silly Mortals tell time --- and I was planning to get into me robes upon ye morrow .... but I hope it doesn't rain. Again. Besides, as I always say, nobody likes a drench'd Dragonmaster! I haven't the time to spend a whole afternoon nursing me sniffles! Ah, me.

Master Blackwolf