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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: King Neptune Shares His Secret Scrapbook!

Greetings, Surface-dwellers! Neptunus Rex, King of the Oceans here. Well, I have, I must admit, mellowed out since my previous remarks in Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft; with these new comments, it is my pleasure to state for the record that we two old foes have at long last made peace with each other. Frankly, after seeing the New York Yankees secure their 27th World Championship in their brand-new Stadium, I figured: "How dare I deny these upstarts their long-sought happy ending!" In fact, I think those were my exact words when I wrote here last. But I digress.

I'm sharing these new comments here because I want to do something that I don't think I've done until now: Here are a few selections from my secret scrapbook --- a simple journal of all my adventures both within and above the sea, as well as a look back at a few of the many friends I've made amongst, surprisingly, you Surface-dwellers. We'll begin here with this one:

I love it when Surface-dwellers get to say hello to me for the very first time; and when I brought myself and my trusty trident to the San Clemente, California Ocean Festival, this lovely lass asked me to pose with her and her dear little one; as you can imagine, children are as precious to me as my other favorite people, mermaids! So I happily obliged, and here, you see the merry results!

Now this gentleman invokes my very spirit, if not my splendor. His name is Patrick Lee, and he just loves to dress up as me for the annual celebrations of Australia Day each January. He enjoys strolling about Sydney Harbour, where he'll often pose for photos, share a story if he's asked, and even be interviewed on television, too. I hope he remains as hale and hearty in years as he continues to be in spirit!

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of St. Petersburg, Florida's one and only Ye Mystick Krewe of Neptune; and this year, Tyler Fontaine and Melissa Hartsfield are King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite. They have dubbed their reign "The Year of Passion," because there is much passion in the spirit of fun and adventure with which Ye Mystick Krewe was founded back in 1980. Indeed, here are Jeffrey Bulson and Hannah Bustin, Neptune and Amphitrite 2005-06, toasting the end of another successful journey aboard their fabulous Royal Float!

And to finish things off, here I am with ferocious ol' Blackbeard the Pirate, struttin' our stuff as Dynamic Duo-in-Residence of the Rockland, Maine Lobster Festival! Mike Miller does a fabulous job, not only portraying me, but also owning one of Rockland's top restaurants as well; and I can't say enough about the great amount of growling like a great Pirate that Brian Messing does every year. It also helps that they're both on the Lobster Festival's Board of Directors, which makes me even prouder! I can't wait to find out how we're gonna make our magic this August!

Well, Surface-dwellers, I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my secret scrapbook. You can bet there'll be more pages to add to the book as the weeks and months go on; if you'd like to help me add a page, let me know by e-mailing Master Blackwolf, and I'll be more than happy to respond!

Yours under the sea,

Neptunus Rex, King of the Oceans