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Friday, December 08, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: His Wintry Majesty, Boreas Rex, King of the Winds!

Greetings, Mortals, from my frosty Ice Palace! Boreas Rex, King of the Winds here, and I am so delighted to be able to guest-blog in Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft, ostensibly for two purposes. First, I wish to remind my loyal subjects in Saint Paul, Minnesota that I shall once more be assuming control of my Winter Kingdom in February; I know those nasty ol' Vulcans will have something planned that will interrupt my 10-day reign somewhat; of course, we won't be bothered too much by it all, now won't we?

Anyway, my Royal Television Home, WCCO-TV, will, as usual, cover everything --- from the Grande Day Parade at noontime to the Torchlight Parade at night. I advise and encourage my subjects to prepare themselves accordingly.

And secondly, Master Blackwolf has asked me to invite all of you to log on to the Diary in the next few weeks, for a world exclusive (and do pay attention, boys and girls, as I am sure you'll want to be interested in this!) --- a one-on-one, completely on-the-record conversation with Santa Claus! The Jolly One has long been a personal friend of mine for many, many centuries; from time to time, Kris has been known to show up here and pay his own respects; he knows that my magical Snowflake Sceptre has the same incredible powers as his own Magic Crystal Snowball --- both let us have a look at what our loyal fans (that would be you, of course!) are up to. Mr. Kringle has even shown up at the Carnival itself on occasion; I know he has done quite much in 2006, especially that thing in Branson, Missouri this past July. I don't know who this Tim Connaghan fellow is, but I think there's an Honorary Knighthood of the Winds in his future, if this ol' Windbag has anything to say about it!

Well, I hope you'll all come to St. Paul in February. The Winter Carnival is a magical adventure --- and there's so much for snow-loving Mortals of all ages to enjoy there! Till then, may your every winter wish come true!

Frostily yours,

Boreas Rex, King of the Winds