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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Interesting Items from Eurovision 2008

As you know, Mortals, your Dragonmaster's Official Rock Band, Lordi, are currently in the studio, laying down the tracks of their upcoming fourth album. When I got wind of the Monstericans after their triumph almost 5 years ago at Eurovision, 'twas easy to see that I was instantly hooked! Now, however, comes word that Russian super-teen idol Dima Bilan, singing a delightful ballad entitiled Believe!, has won this year's Song Contest, staged in Belgrade, home of last year's winner, Marija Serifovic. Well, apparently, England's own Ian Hutchinson isn't exactly a happy camper about all this. Here are his remarks, followed by my own assessment of the situation:

Well, that's the end of yet another debacle of a Eurovision Song Contest for another year! I cannot fault the hosts, Jovana Jankovic and Zeljko Joksimovic, on their brilliant performance; my job is just to comment on the contest itself --- and oh my word, what a farce it's become!

Now, last time I checked, this Contest was supposed to have been all about music --- and this evening, I've seen nothing music-related in terms of the voting.

When I was a kid, I remember how naive I was as I watched Eurovision, constantly pestering both my parents to let me join in the voting. "No, son --- it won't make any difference anyway!" they kept on telling me. Looking back, I realize now how right Mum and Dad were --- not because my vote would make any difference compared against any other vote in other countries (which is simply untrue), but because no matter how Britain votes, we will always be outdone by bloc voting!

Even the BBC's Eurovision presenter, Terry Wogan, has grown sarcastic in his commentary of the Contest .... and, as it turns out, quite rightly so, as the results become more and more completely predictable! Now, I know we're not quite a popular country at the immediate moment, and I know we here in Britain are a little bit too close to America for everybody's liking, and I know that the wars we're currently fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan weren't entirely the best ideas in the whole world --- but this in no way affects our music.

In the end, we --- and certain other Western nations --- have begun to grow tired of Eurovision! Sooner or later we will start withdrawing our participation, and perhaps our continued financing of Eurovision as well.

As far as I'm concerned, Terry Wogan summed things up in his closing commentary, where he said: "I don't think that the Western countries will put up with the Eastern voting for very much longer. So, good night Europe --- and possibly, goodbye Eurovision!" I must therefore agree with Terry Wogan: we will not put up with this any longer --- and if you dislike our 'music' so much, maybe the time has come for us to leave!

It's obvious to me, then, goodly gentles, that the sound of rebellion may signal the end of Eurovision. One thing's for sure, though --- the world will never forget the wonder of the summer so long ago when a dangerous little ditty entitled Hard Rock Hallelujah changed the world --- and made us stand up and notice Lordi and fiends. Eurovision Moscow 2009 may be one thing, but I gotta come right out and say it: Sorry, Dima Bilan, but frankly, you ain't no Lordi! And obviously, we're gonna need our five fave freaks from Finland to remind us of that!

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