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Monday, August 03, 2009

Blackwolf's Gallery: Episode Two!

Continuing now our Gallery, in its temporary house, some of your humble Dragonmaster's favorite imagery. Enjoy!

Edinburgh, 2005: Evan Kohler-Camp, Pipe Major and Webmaster, leads Lilburn, GA's Atholl Highlanders Pipe Band USA along the Royal Mile during one of the first Global Challenges!

P/M Wally Wallace, Essex Caledonian Pipes and Drums, busking rather blissfully. Blowin' on the auld bagpipes always tickles your Dragonmaster's Celtic origins!

P/M Tim Lewis-Batten, St. Andrew's Legion, Richmond, at a wedding in Maryland.

From the New York Daily News Archives: Looks like P/M Jonathan Henken, Mt. Kisco Scots, is ready for a jolly Highland closeup! His big, bushy beard, with bagpipes blowin' all the way, is brought to you by photographer Bates! It's from last year's Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade, along 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan!

More to come!