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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve with Master Blackwolf

'Tis the Night Before Christmas --- and I have pretty much tuckered me Wizardly self out, goodly gentles! Hey, when you've been up since 5 of the clock this morning, the time does that to ye! Heh-heh!

Nonetheless, know that your Dragonmaster is happy to greet you all on this climax of the Season to be Jolly; and I, too, shall be paying NORAD's Santa Claus Squad a proper visit this night. Indeed, as I told outgoing Emperor Tymothy of the Empire of the Emerald Dragon, I'll be accompanying Milord Sir Kringle 'pon said journey!

Santa will, alas, be stopping at Walt Disney World tomorrow, to do that Parade of theirs that ABC telecasts each year! Regis & Kelly AND my enemy Ryan Seacrest are hosting the damn thing --- and they got the whole Disney gang; the Doodlebops, the cast of High School Musical (AKA The Thing That Wouldn't Leave!); oh, I could go on and on --- and then there's Regis' obsession with Cinderella! What is it, your Dragonmaster wonders, about this thing Regis has with Cinderella? Is it her dress, custom-designed by Cindy's Fairy Godmother? Is it that damn pumpkin coach she rides in the Parade? And then, there's the strangest issue of them all: why does Regis get off when Cinderella blows a kiss straight to the camera, and Regis goes gooey, as if he were wanting to do it with her?!

These, my dears, are the questions I don't think we'll ever solve. But hey, let Big Red have his fun, say I. Da Kringle has earned this, given all he's been through in 2006 --- and all that Master Richard and I have gone through just following his every move as well.

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas to all, my Mortal friends! Be well, behave --- and be good. And now, if you don't mind, I'm off to do the South Street Seaport, There be a promise I must keep ....... to a very, very dear friend who just happens to be Santa as well.

Master Blackwolf