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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Finally Decent Week: Your Dragonmaster Ponders

It's Thursday, dearests, and your Dragonmaster has now come to the end of an otherwise semi-decent week. Fortunately, I have the means now to secure some munchies where necessary; the weather in general and the continued chill in particular is another story. And the battle for maximum comfort is not thus far entirely winnable.

The early spring deep freeze will drive me nuts ... and the only person capable of properly appreciating the throes of the cold is my old pal Ragnar the Viking. No doubt ol' Ragnar would have enjoyed having his beloved Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XLIV (which doubtless will piss your Dragonmmaster off in that thrice-damned CBS Sports is gonna show the damn 13-hour mind-melt! Fie 'pon ye, Jim Nantz!); but, like yours truly, will no doubt be ensconsed indoors, making faces that would merit residency in the Twilight Zone.

But again, my children, I ramble on needlessly. I've yet to land a decent gig, I haven't heard from Master Thoth in a while (and I have to explain my recent adventures to him!), and things are changing. Too much, but too few. What shall happen next? Me spending some time on Facebook, that's what!