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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bored Blackwolf Blog, etc.

Well, Mortals, here it is, Sunday, August 31st, 2008, Mortal-reckoning --- and for your humble Dragonmaster, there be naught on my immediate schedule save the Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park, and, prior to that, on the anniversary of 9/11 proper, one of the various worldwide September Concerts. Now, I know not which of the latter I shall be actually participating in and/or witnessing as a spectator, but beyond all of the above, put simply, your Dragonmaster is bored!

Even my outdoor adventures have of late begun to bore yours truly. For some silly reason, not even the Queen's Progress at Sterling Forest could hit one out of ye olde ball parque, if thou wouldst. I mean, come on --- there's only so many ways you can ask yourself "How we gonna get Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham to kick one another's butts this year?" And as if that ain't insane enough, the expletive deleted Yankees, in the apparent twilight of a final season at their beloved Stadium, are once more sucking --- which, no doubt, means I shall have to once again kneel before His Ocaenic Majesty, King Neptune, and listen to the twit gloat in me Wizardly face --- AGAIN (in which case, fie upon ye, Major League Baseball)!

And as for Lordi and fiends, they're busy having fun making their last preparations to reveal their new look to the world on Halloween night in Helsinki, along with their new album, Deadache, and the first single therefrom, Bend it Like a Bulldog! Everybody else is either otherwise occupied, and I can't even bloomin' get Brooks Arthur @ Happy Madison on the phone!

"Must thou kvetch all morning, Master Blackwolf?" I hear ye asking with some impatience. YES, I MUST, YOU MORTAL FOOLS! Ik the Troll has not updated either his MySpace nor his RenSpace pages in months, and I have reminded him that he HAS to do Dragon*Con in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend; I remain concerned for his continued well-being (well, you would, too, if you knew that he was now a divorced Trollish dad!) --- oh, let's face it, this post -Triumph phase is getting way annoying, way fast. Thus, dearies, 'tis time to ask:

What would Blackwolf the Dragonmaster do? C'mon, kids, you know where to e-mail me if you wanna tell this foolish ol' beetlehead what the hell I should go do with me Wizardly person ---- or

Master Blackwolf