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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2010: The Night Before

Y'know, for One with Divine Mastery over practically everything, it seems to me that there are days when even God wants a martini. Which is to say, you know Apocalypse Now is here when you learn that Neal Patrick Harris has been cast in the lead role in a live-action/CGI-animated remake of the Smurfs, to be directed by the man who inflicted Scooby-Doo upon the world!

Doubtless one of the true unsolved mysteries of show business is what made Smurfs the must-see TV of its day, given that said day was Saturday morning. What, in those ancient, far unknown times, I wonder, made NBC fall hopelessly in love with the Smurfs? What were the shocking maniacal impressions those in power at 30 Rock got when first they saw the little blue .... er, things? Come to that, will Smurfs matter in Generation iPod?

Yes, I what you're saying: "Those are some pretty weird questions, Master Blackwolf!" Indeed they are; so let us ponder something else this Night Before Oscar: are they still writing fan fiction stories based on Disney's $4.1 billion takeover of Marvel Comics last year? Hmmmmm..... methinks I'll have to Google the info in question; unusual and unpredictable continue to reign ever supreme, here in this bizarre and vast insane asylum called Hollywood......