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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Missing Old Friends, Looking Forward to New Friends (Part Two)

Well, after the joy of the Medieval Festival, I can certainly say that it was a pleasure being in on one of my favorite traditions. I would have had it be perfect had not one bad piston on the Royal Van of His Majesty, King Henry the Red of Shiabruck, prevented him and his entourage from joining us. Well, as the Mortals say: one can't have everything! Still, King Henry remains determined to meet me in person, and I, for one, can't wait to dress up and show him what it means to be New York's Unofficial Wizard! Oh yes, I almost forgot: those who so wish to greet the Royal Court of Shiabruck are herewith encouraged to visit; once there, the visitor will discover how and why the Medieval Reenactors thither love having all this fun!

Also, I wish I could greet in person Their Majesties, King Thorson and Queen Svava of the SCA's Eastern Kingdom. Their Royal Homepage,, is so delicious that I have named it my Bonus Link of the Month for October; indeed, Milord Thorson has personally promised me that my Dark Chambers website will be given a proper tribute in the December issue of the Eastern Kingdom's official journal. Indeed, the song about Their Eastern Majesties is so cool, I intend to attempt to croon it live this Monday when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and yours truly do Tower Records in the Village. Officially, we'll be signing copies of Triumph's best-of DVD, featuring that now classic "Star Wars Nerds" clip into which I inadvertently stumbled --- resulting in cult figure status for this foolish old beetlehead (and my very own internet radio show into the bargain as well!) --- but I think I'd like to do something a teeny bit twisted for my always loyal fans.....

Oh dear, that reminds me: I need to e-mail the fresh hound, too! I got some one-liners re Jay's leaving the Tonight Show five years from hence and leaving Conan to take over..... Oh twaddle! Will I have to join these sillies in Burbank, too?