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Monday, July 03, 2006

More ID4 Fun w/your Yankee Doodle Dragonmaster!

Compliments of this morning's New York Post PAGE SIX column, here's a lesson in how looks can be deceiving:

Sources at NBC are whining about how Superman Returns star Brandon Routh snubbed them when the network asked him to do the Macy*s 4th of July Fireworks show. "He was signed, sealed, delivered," the source rants. "But then the movie started getting all those glowing reviews and his people called and canceled at the last minute! We're [miffed]! The guy's a newbie ... He shouldn't be burning bridges already."

A source connected with the Man of Steel responds, "That's a lie! We never even got a request! Brandon's gonna be in Daytona to do the Pepsi 400. That was planned months in advance."

Oh, but here's where your Dragonmaster starts to really love it: In a delicious example of how the mighty have fallen, the Macy*s 4th of July Fireworks show is now gonna be just another NBC News Special, with Lester Holt and Campbell Brown from Weekend Today as your anchors. The really big A-listers will be Liza Minnelli (who's just there to push the Liza w/a Z DVD); and Lionel Richie, who will very likely sing both Hello and All Night Long, his two big post-disco hits from the early 1980s. As for the New York Pops, they will, for the second straight year, be faking their on-camera appearances. And get ye this, reality show fans: since they couldn't get Jessica, they're stuck with Nick; and since they couldn't get Taylor Hicks, they're stuck with Bo Bice!

This, my dears, is what happens when looks deceive you. Merlin always used to warn young King Arthur about that --- but, like so many of you sillies, Arthur never bothered to listen. I needn't tell you what happened afterwards. Anywho, the Dark Chambers and the Diary of Magecraft are closed for this Independence Day; and needless to say I wish you all a remarakbly sensible celebration. Here's to the United States of America, the weirdest, wildest, boldest, most adventurous 230-year-old kid on the Planet! Huzzah! and hurrah! See ya Wednesday, Mortals!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf