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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Last Sane Week Before Super Bowl Sunday

Greetings again, Mortals --- and take comfort, as I do, in the knowledge that we shall have one more week's worth of sanity and decency before we must throw things over to Glendale, Arizona. Here, every resource of Fox-kind, from Fox News to Fox Sports, from Ryan Seacrest to Clan Griffin, shall have its power engaged 'pon the site of Super Bowl XLII: New York Football Giants vs. New England Patriots, for the right to claim the dominance of power in the Knowne Multiverse!

The adventure shall not be easy. So much will occur over the 13 hours to come --- perhaps 16 if it dares go the distance, as I believe it will --- there will not enough for mere television, let alone the web, to encompass it all! And nay, not even experiencing the whole kaboodle live and in person can do the Super Bowl proper justice! To suggest otherwise is to lie through thy teeth, say I!

And anyway, it's the damn commercials you Mortals are interested in, regardless of whether you care about the game or not. So here's that thrice-accursed "1984" thing, supervised by Sir Ridley Scott, to give you dum-dums something to drool over whilst ye await the opening bloomin' kick-off! And I don't need to tell you that YouTube's flooded with memorable, tasteless, hilarious and often just plain expletive deleted weird Super Bowl Commercials!

You also care about the halftime show, too --- and this time, executive producer/director Don Mischer, along with Rick Kirschner and Glenn Weiss' White Cherry Entertainment, have a doozy for ye, in the form of a way cool 15 or so minutes with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! They're doin' the show ostensibly to support their upcoming tour, coffee-table book, and documentary directed by Peter Bogdanovich ---- all three of which bear the title Runnin' Down a Dream! For the first time, the book and film, constructed of unprecedented access to the Petty Archive, will tell the entire epic that is the Tom Petty experience: the band, its life, trials and triumphs ..... and beyond. Look for the trilogy of DVDs and bonus CD exclusively at all Best Buy Stores, beginning October 16th --- and prior to that, the film will be seen in a single-night theatrical run, on October 15th. The two-part DVD of the documentary is accompanied by the live DVD performance from Gainesville, Florida; and there is, as ye might suspect, the single-CD soundtrack album, featuring previously unreleased tracks.

This, then, is what gets ye Mortals high 'pon ye Super Bowl: the hype, the game, the spots, the passion! Aye, ye want it all, and, by Merlin's beard, they're going to give it all to you. And I, too, shall be amongst those who will doubtless be watching! Pray, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf