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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Asylum is Now Operational: Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday!

Well, Mortals, I guess I need not tell you what's going on hither at the present moment. Everything has been pretty much written, spoken, unspoken, predicted, prepared and previewed ad nauseum. Now, no more games. No more crap. Time to go to work. New York Giants. New England Patriots. At stake: the right to claim power in the Knowne Multiverse.

I've been in this wiz biz over 4000-plus years -- and I've seen stuff come and go ..... but through all the hype, all the commercials, all the halftime nonsense and everything else --- there are days when we tend to forget that somewhere lost in all the mix there's a football game to be played, where a Championship must be decided and the chance to rule the world will be granted upon one metropolis or the other. This, then, is the madness that IS Super Bowl XLII, coming to you from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. My only question, as always, is: Can I survive it all?

Well, by this time upon the morrow, we shall see what happens when the world is claimed. Enjoy the insanity.

Master Blackwolf