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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Farewell, 2006!

Well, Mortals --- here we are, a few days left of 2006 (Mortal-reckoning) --- and, by Merlin's beard, this ol' Dragonmaster is pooped beyond the limits of my powers!

Let me tell you, the other day, I went to do a little sightseeing online. Had to seek out another Beauty of the Week for me new segment on the Dark Chambers. Alas, wasn't one worth finding as yet, as the County Fair season had not yet been in full swing, Still, I must say that 2006 has been quite a rollercoaster ride --- and there are bound to be more and more challenges ahead in ye coming 365! Even so, there are far too many things to say, so I won't say everything; however, know ye this goodly gentles: despite the fact that I'll be pretty much invisible for the Winter Solstice, I'm still here, kickin' Wizardly butt, as has been me destiny --- and, as ever, ye Byg Appylers may continue to count on your Unofficial Wizard (that's me!) to stay in thy face for the foreseeable future! Besides, the Oscar Nominations are to be announced at the end of January, and I must be hale and hearty, that I might once again bring you ALL the gory details!

All of which is to say: this ol' Dragonmaster ain't goin' no bloomin' where, by Merlin's beard! Hast thou a problem wi' that, Milord?

Master Blackwolf