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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blackwolf on a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.....

I have been monitoring the information coming out of Tucson, Arizona, and from what I have thus far ascertained, I can only conclude that once more, it is indeed becoming a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

There are so many Mortals unnecessarily rushing to judgment that it has become more and more difficult to keep up with things around here. That is why, from time to time, I turn to the title song from Stanley Kramer's comedy behemoth, which tells the tale of a bunch of people pursuing $350,000 buried under four palm trees somewhere in California.

Here's the link to the film's Overture, which is very likely the only place to properly enjoy the said title song.

Frankly, there will always be nutty Mortals no matter where you journey. I often think that folks will often find newer, insaner ways to drive other Mortals totally bonkers. In other words, to quote another, more recent ballad, "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!"

(OK, I guess you'll want a link to that one as well. There's just no pleasing you Mortals these days! Here it is!)

Some days, a Dragonmaster's blog isn't worth posting in. Ah, but what the hell: SOMEONE has to share the secrets of 4000-plus years of Magecraft around here, and Blackwolf the Dragonmaster is the chosen. Ah, me.