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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One Nation Under Perky

Well, Mortals, I suppose now ye'll be asking yourselves with some impatience, "What's annoying Blackwolf the Dragonmaster now?"

Oh, I don't know, I suppose .... a little thing called the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric? Look, call this ol' Wizard a crotchety old fart all you want, but let's face it --- as of tonight, America becomes (cue the cliffhanger music here) One Nation Under Perky!

Yes, friends ... for the foreseeable future I suspect I'm going to have nightmares about the end of Western civilization as we know it, as anchored by the one woman that is the very personification of perky. There was a time in days of yore, you see, when "cute" was probably THE most over-used word in the entire English language. No matter where you turned, in our culture, our cartoons, our lifestyles, you could not escape cute --- you could only embrace it. Now, we live in a nation where don't worry, be happy is no longer treated as a mere song .... indeed, the concept of don't worry, be happy has become an ideology! How, then, to explain the existence of

"But, Master Blackwolf," you ask, "what has all this to do with the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric?" Well, herein lies the entire point of my grumpiness over the hype: the question of cute vs. perky and how it will or probably won't contribute to the fall of our society will eventually have to be confronted by Katie Couric --- and the question yet unknown is: Will she succeed?

So it falls to one woman to serve as the image of the destiny of televised news. Will she, then, or won't she dominate an era that some are already describing as the age of the dinosaurs? Or is this just another damn battle for the ratings where the ultimate loser is you, the viewer? Frankly, I'd just as soon we stop giving in to all the bloomin' hype and start focusing on the sexier things --- like whether E! Online still has the sass, the chutzpah, and the coolness that made your Dragonmaster looooove it .... even with icky-poo Ryan Seacrest running the show at E! News.

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