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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blackwolf's Gallery of Faire Friends, Episode One!

Welcome, Mortals, to the temporary home of ol' Blackwolf's Gallery of Faire Friends, wherein most of my photographic memories are supposed to be preserved. But, as you know, dearests, with Yahoo!'s recent announcement of the destruction of GeoCities on October 26th, your humble Dragonmaster has been forced to, shall I say, beat the twits to the punch, as it were. Which is to say, I may need to destroy my own website in order to save it! So here's the deal:

For the foreseeable future, my Diary of Magecraft will showcase some of my favorite photos from my favorite Realms. Enjoy!

King Henri Valois le Trois d'Alexandre-Edouard de Valois, Lord High Sovereign of all France, at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! (Ye might also wish to check out the KCRF Performers' Page!)

Master Craig of Farrington, strumming blissfully on his lute at the 2008 Tennessee Renaissance Festival!

Merdwin the Mediocre, at our most recent Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival, doing what he does best --- and then some! (Photo by Frank Lynch for

Lovable Ragnar the Viking, with a loyal young future apprentice, always eager to give his mighty all for his beloved Minnesota Vikings!

Two Bills: Little Rock, Arkansas' famous magician/motivational speaker, Bill Fulton, mugs with our Exalted Father of Magecraft!

His Majesty, King Henry VIII (Ray Irving), and a whole party full of Junior Tudors --- in full period cosutme, no less! Quite the bunch of Royal Party Animals, eh what?

King Richard (Tom Epstein), poses thoughtfully with his loyal owl, at his Faire in South Carver, Mass. Here's his FaireNews interview!

January 27th, 2007: King Russell and Queen Eileen, in Royal Emerald Green! Their Majesties, King Gabriel and Queen Ashley of Noblesse, strut their stuff during the 22nd Annual Krewe de la Noblesse Coronation Ball at the Lake Charles, Louisiana Civic Center Coliseum. Russell Grantham runs Plus Sales Distributors LLC, and is a member of the Lake Charles Buccaneers. Eileen, his wife, is Treasurer of another renowned Krewe, the Krewe Deja Vu de Monde. The Granthams share their home with five kids: Suzanne, Donna, Norma, Gabriel and Casey!

For 2009, however, Krewe de la Noblesse decided to do Paris --- and, as you see here, Her Majesty, Queen Christine (Christine Soileau), felt the need to make like Marie Antoinette. Chris is a loan processor at the First Federal Bank of Louisiana. Mother of three (Brandon, Cody and Jenny), she recently celebrated the birth of her first grandchild.

Photographer Bette Marshall shows us His Royal Highness King Terrence (Terry Long), with his faithful Royal Teddy Bear. This is from Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter: The Musical, by Tim Battle and Robert Neal Marshall, and based upon the book by Diane Stanley. Listen now to King Terrence, sung by Kevin LeCaon, as he croons the hilarious Goody, Goody, Goody (I'm the Richest King I Know)!

August 31st, 2003: In this merry photo by Valerie Olson, King Henry and Queen Margaret preside over the Minnesota Renaissance Festival's Children's Knighting Ceremony!

King Alanus and Queen Barbara of Bermania, during one of their Royal Banquets of yore!

The 2010 Rey y Reina look quite ravishing in the Royal Robes of the Krewe of the Knights of Sant' Yago!

King Salmonella of Vulgaria, indulging in seeking out a glorious goode booke or four!

And to finish off Episode One of the new Gallery of Faire Friends, a few impressions of King Richard and Queen Eleanor, from when the Kansas City Renaissance Festival was truly in flower!

More to come!