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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to the Diary, and Ready 2 Go, Despite a Pre-Medieval Festival Migraine!

Well, Mortals, it's good to finally return to my Diary of Magecraft and blog something interestting, if not entirely twisted! I recently bought some water to stuff down me throat, as I do need it, and I have a migraine like ye wouldn't believe!

In any case, I've had a look at our lineup for our Silver Jubilee Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park (knowing dear Sir Dennis, I would share the view that if it ain't broke, one need not fix it!). Needless to say, all our old friends will be in on the diversion; and unfortunately, that's gonna be it as far as my public appearances go until the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade (Drat!)

As for dearest Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, she intends to do her Halloween thing with a Halloween costume show somewhere in Seattle. And what of your Dragonmaster's Official Rock Band, Lordi? Where shall they be spending their 31st of October? Alas, unable to tell, for the Monstericans have not updated their news segment in months! (I suspect they decided to have the news editor for dinner. Theirs, to be precise.)

Look, kids this wizard gig be not necessarily all it be crack'd up to be! Hence, I'm off to find some Aleve, that I might yet bust me migraine, then I'll guzzle down some more H2O before calling it a day. See ya!

Master Blackwolf