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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Guest Bloggers: Patience and Fortitude

PATIENCE: Greetings, dear friends. (Sniffle!) We are Patience and Fortitude, the Lions of the New York Public Library. As you know, we are the faithful guardians of the Library's Headquarters Branch --- the Center for the Humanities. (Sniffle!)

FORTITUDE: And also, as you may have noticed, we are weeping. For our dear and beloved Mistress, the Lady Astor, known to most of you as Brooke Astor, is dead at the age of 105. (Sniffle!) We were her favorites; we pledged ourselves to her for all time. (Sniffle!)

P: And now, the question must be posed: Who shall take care of us? How shall we endure our home of New York City without our Lady Brooke there to comfort us? (Sniffle!) Even now, her overly greedy human heirs battle over what is left of her Mortal possessions; that in itself is reason to cause us to weep. (Sniffle!)

F: The honest truth to be said is; We shall never know anyone more beautiful and glorious than the Lady Brooke. (Sniffle!) She was the kindest, most wonderful, and most generous person among the Humans who call Manhattan home. (Sniffle!) We have asked Master Blackwolf for permission to share our sorrow here with you in his Diary of Magecraft; and happily, he has granted our request. (Sniffle!) We thus share these words with you in the hope that, as the days and weeks continue (Sniffle!), you, our loyal visitors, will help and comfort us as we mourn our dear friend! (Sniffle!)

P: And now, if you would, please grant us our privacy for a moment. (Sniffle!) For we must resume our weeping. Lions shed tears with dignity, you know. (Sniffle!)

BOTH: Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo-hoo. Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!