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Monday, May 08, 2006

From the Too Funny Department:

If there be one thing that you do NOT wanna do this week, let this be a friendly warning from your Dragonmaster: DO NOT piss off Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro --- a lesson learned too late by the twits from Cartoon Network's [adult swim]:

[adult swim]: You won the Kentucky Derby.

BARBARO: That's correct.

[as]: Way to go. You ran fast!

B: That's not a question. Do you have any questions for me?

[as]: Who combs your hair?

B: I don't know, some guy who uses a brush. Are you gonna ask me about the race?

[as]: You're a big horsey!

B: Look, I gotta go. This is the problem with America, y'know? I mean, I just ran my ass off and won the Super Bowl of thoroughbred horseback racing --- and I gotta deal with losers like you who dare show up without so much as a single relevant question, just so you can try to get over on the fact that you're associated with a late-night TV franchise devoted to weird cartoons!

[as]: To be honest with you, Barbaro, we're sorta dehydrated. Y'see, last night ---

B: Y'know, some day, you are going to have to learn to get up and get a real job. You're gonna have to offer the world something more than just, "Oh wow, man, like ---hey." Do you understand what I'm saying here, amigo? Because someday, when you've actually achieved something with your life, maybe then we can have something resembling a conversation. As for right now, I'd rather talk with just about anyone else on Earth, including MTV2, who is probably gonna be eating your lunch within 2 years!

[as]: You kinda caught us off guard with this. Wow.

B: Bite me!

Well, let me just say this about that; You go, Barbaro! If you like, I am always available to ask sensible questions. Being a more sensible Mage, my thirst for knowledge is probably cooler than that of the [adult swim] folks. Besides, I used to hang out with a centaur named Darkhorse who was so talented he could play the lute. He took me on rides from time to time, and it always excited me when we sang songs together while he pooped on the grass on a summer afternoon. Horse poop is remarkably weird; indeed, back in the day, we medieval dudes and dudettes didn't give a rat's butt about horse poop, much less who did and didn't step on it!

My point is, if you're gonna interview Barbaro, you better have some decent questions on your docket. I trust we're now clear on that one.

Master Blackwolf